July 29, 2009

Johnson Family in Utah

When we went to visit Utah...Grandma Johnson, Auntie Shayna, Auntie Tera, and Uncle Eric came out as well.... so Reagan got to meet them for the first time. It was so much fun visiting with them. I wish we lived near them. Its so hard not living near any family. Reagan loved it, Grandma Johnson spoiled her with lots of hugs and kisses. She had a lot of fun with all the attention she recieved.... she never had to worry about being put down for one second. If it wasnt Grandma Johnson holding her it was either Auntie Shayna Or Auntie Tera. We had so much fun seeing them and cant wait till we get to see them again. hopefully we can go to california for Christmas so Reagan can meet Grandpa Johnson soon.

July 27, 2009

Meeting her cousins for the first time

Doug and Emaley came to Utah as well for Aprils wedding and the family Reunion... so Reagan got to meet them, along with her cousins Keenin and Reese for the first time.
Keenin loved holding Reagan. He would ask to hold and feed her all the time... and if Reagan ever started to cry, Keenin was the first one to go and check on her to make sure she was alright. He got Reagan to smile and even laugh a few times. She definitely loved the attention she got from Keenin.
Reese seemed to like Reagan alright, but she was much more entertained by "grandmas cats". She asked to hold and play with Reagan a few times, but it never lasted very long cause as soon as she remembered about the cats waiting outside .... She was very quick to give her back to me. But I could tell that Reagan loved to watch Reese at play....I'm sure she cant wait to join her.

July 25, 2009

Great Gatsby Party

Aprils bridal shower was Great Gatsby theme. It was so much fun. Everything was black and white and vintage. It was a dress up shower and I was surprised at how many people showed up all dressed up in 20's style clothes. We had a table full of things like pearls, feathers and headbands that people who didn't come dressed up could put on so everyone was dressed for the "Roaring 20's". We played a few games and April got a bunch of fun things for her shower... And we all took picture out by the "Model A" outside. it was definitely a fun shower.

Uncle Jason

When I was pregnant with Reagan.... Uncle Jason use to sing to her in my belly. When he did this, Reagan would start to turn, flip and kick me like crazy while he played... I could tell she really enjoyed the music.... When we went to visit my parents house in Utah, Jason took his guitar and began to sing to her.... Reagan was mesmerised. She did not take her eyes off of him. I really think she remembered how he use to play for her. Jason has found his biggest fan.

July 21, 2009

Trip to the Doctors

When i took Reagan to the Doctors for her appt. we sat in the waiting room for at least an hour... she was so good.... but by the time they called her name, her diaper was pretty full.... they wanted to take her weight so i asked if i could change her or take her diaper off... but they assured me since it was just wet, that it would only add an oz or two on to the weight and they would be sure to just take 2 oz off the final weight... and that ended up being 11lbs 10oz ... I was shocked cause when we took her in only one month before she weighed 7lbs. i couldnt imagine her gaining that much weight in just one month. We did her whole check up and right before we were about to leave the office, i asked if we could weigh her one more time since i changed her diaper... and this time she weighed 9lbs 1oz... hahahaha...i couldnt believe it... her diaper weighed almost 3lbs!
So reagan is now: 9lbs 1 oz and 21" long (she is will be 3 months on the 4th)

July 14, 2009

Super Baby!!!

One of Reagans favorite things to do is "Super Baby". It doesn't matter if she has been upset or even crying.... all we have to do is do super baby with her and as soon as you do, she kicks her feet out and locks her legs, picks her head up and puts her arms in a position where it looks like if you were to let go of her, she would actually be flying..... Its hilarious. She loves it. She will either get this very serious look on her face like she is concentrating really hard on something or she will get one of those huge gummy smiles. she even sometimes gets so excited that she will blow bubbles... and that's the only time she will do that. She makes me laugh so hard.

July 11, 2009

How Random!!

While we were driving around Down Town Austin we drove past this SUPER RANDOM, hilariously funny field of Hot Pink Flamingos! .... We thought it was so freak n' rad that we couldn't help but pull the car over and get out and take a picture of us right in the middle of them.

July 8, 2009

The Best F.H.E ever....

For Family Home Evening we decided that we would start doing service for each other and today Gabe gave me a pedicure.... It was very sweet and he actually took it very seriously... hahaha ... its definitely not the best pedicure I've ever had, by any means...( no offence Gabe) but I love Gabe so much and even though it was a little thing... its things like this that make me love him more and more each day... Gabe is the best and I AM SO LUCKY!

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This was Reagans 1st 4th of July.... we got her all dressed up in her patriatic outfit and cute bib that her grandma got her.... she looked so adorable. we spent the evening at a friends house for dinner and then we all went out to watch the fireworks... Reagan slept most of the time but when she was awake she seemed to enjoy herself.... i dont think she really knew what was going on... but she enjoys being outside, so she had fun.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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