September 20, 2011


 ive been going to the post office a lot lately to drop off orders for my business and EVERY time we go Reagan just has to sit on this deer statue that sits out front and she insists that i take a picture of her on it. she always poses very cheesy. i love it.
 These little girls just melt my heart. I love that they love each other so much. Reagan is always trying to hold her and London just loves it... (most of the time)
 look at these big brown eyes

 Reagan fell out of her bed recently... it was so scary for me. i woke up to her screaming and i ran into her room and she was on the floor bleeding everywhere... she almost bit all the way through her lip and tongue. she is so tough. it healed extremely fast. but was pretty nasty until it did. poor girl.
 London is such a sweet and good little sleeper... i dont know what it is but i just love looking at a sleeping babe.
 Poor Parley... cant get out of being Reagan's best friend... no matter what he does she is always going back for more

another pose at the post office

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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