January 30, 2011

Another Long Day

I feel bad on the days that  I  have so much to do... but Reagan is such a trooper and is such a wonderful flexible girl. I try to avoid it but when it is necessary She is so good at taking her nap time on the go.  I just Love this little girl.... but there is something about seeing my little girl sleeping that makes me so happy. maybe its just cause she is finally quite and peaceful..... haha...

January 27, 2011

Uncle Danny

Reagan just Loves her Uncle Danny... Just look at this face... how could she not. :)

January 14, 2011

Let the count down begin...

Only 90 more days till my due date.... which means only 90 more days till we get to meet Little Miss London.
Reagan is so excited... She is always rubbing my tummy and giving it kisses... She calls my Belly "baby" and she even has a baby doll that she named London ( Lada ) that she carries around and takes care of. It is too adorable. She can hardly wait to be a big sister and Gabe and I are so excited to have another little monkey around. Reagan has brought so much joy into our lives and we know London is going to make our hearts even more full.Thats one of the greatest things about love... it never stops growing...

January 3, 2011

Reagans Kitchen

I really wanted to get Reagan a play Kitchen for Christmas and I found her this amazing but slightly beaten up Antique Wooden Kitchen set at the Thrift Store back in August. I knew I could refinish it and make her an adorable set just for her... I obviously needed to sand the poor thing... I spend hours trying to sand it by hand on my own... But it seemed that over it's many years it had received maybe 4-5 different paint jobs... so it was taking A LOT longer than I ever imagined...  but my amazing husband came in to rescue me with a sander and got in sanded in no time...
I Decided on a paint Color that I saw in my aunt home called Aged Mint from Ralph Lauren and decided that I was going to do the Shabby Chic look... so after i got it sanded I painted all the edges brown and waited for that to dy...  after it was dry I took a candle and rubbed it on all the newly painted brown spots that i wanted to have the distressed look. I then started to paint on the Aged Mint. After about three coats and letting it dry over night i lightly scrubbed off the paint  where i had rubbed the candle wax. and I got an amazing Shabby Chic look that I absolutely  love...  I filled the Kitchen set with Dishes and baskets that I got from the thrift store as well... I got a few pots and pans from Ikea... the kids rolling pin from Targets $1 section... I made all the food out of felt and the apron a dear friend made for Reagan for her Birthday. So it was a very inexpensive Christmas Gift but non the less her absolute favorite which makes all the work worth it.  I put it all together and surprised Reagan on Christmas morning. She LOVES it. Her favorite thing is to make everyone "cookie soup"  


The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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