August 31, 2011

I just love these two

I am so in love with my two little girls.... they are seriously my greatest joy. they have such fun personalities. sometimes a little crazy but i think that's what i love the most... i love how every time i look at London she gets the biggest gummy smile on her face... I have never seen a baby smile so big and so contagious. I love how Reagan says the cutest things... yesterday she said... :mommy you're so sexy" Hahaha... where does she get these things... too funny. I just love my Little Peanut and my little Lady Bug.

August 20, 2011

Little Dancer

Reagan is in a mommy and me dance class and she is such a good little dancer.... she loves every moment when they are running around the room, doing summer-salts, and moving... but as soon as they start being serious about something and the teacher wants quite time... my little monkey starts to teach her own dance class and recruits all the other two year olds to follow... hahaha. she is such a little leader. 

August 4, 2011

Grandmas Garden

 Look at how wonderful Grandmas Garden looks. When we got back from the Nordstrom Family Reunion the garden had doubled in size...  Grandma, Keenin and Reagan gathered a ton of veggies... Reagan loved every moment of it as you can tell.... I could almost guarantee that every vegetable that she picked had at least one bite in it.... When I would say "Reagan, we need to wash those first" she would reply with "Mmmm, Good." I just love this big brown eyed girl.

Don't you just love the warm summer rain!

 Today was such a warm day so Keenin and Reagan were out in the backyard playing in the pool to stay cool... When all of a sudden a big cloud rolled in and it started to rain. This was not just a light sprinkle... i mean this was heavy rain. Each drop was enormous! and at one point it even turned into hail. I remember when i was a kid how much I loved the summer rain.... Looking at these two adorable kiddos running all through the yard screaming with delight brought me back to when i was a kid  running through the summer rain in my swimsuit  on Chablis ct. with my brother and sisters and of course all the neighbor kids.... I love how being a parents makes childhood memories come alive.

Family picture at Jackson Meadows

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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