May 22, 2011

such a goof ball

Reagan is always trying to do something to make us laugh... its too funny. if she is not singing a song and doing a silly dance called "Silly Bum" she is making a funny face, trying to tickle someone or just putting a bowl on her head and calling it a hat. there is never a dull moment and I am always amazed at the creativity of this little two year olds imagination and desire to constantly make us smile.

May 9, 2011


So we found this field of grass across from the Timpenogos Temple that was just filled with Danilions and Wishes. Reagan seriously had so much fun running up and down and all across the field... she rolled in the flowers threw them up in the air... picked and blew the wishes... she even stomped on them.... She was so giddy it was funny. I love how easily amused this girl is. She would have been content to stay there for hours.

May 7, 2011

London Gabriella Three Weeks Old

Yard Work

So this little girl cant get enough of her Daddy... Whatever he is doing she wants to do it with him. She seriously follows him everywhere. Its the best when Gabe gets home from work.... Reagan gets so excited runs as fast as she can to him wraps her arms around him and says "Daddy, Daddy... I miss you!" It's the cutest thing and Im sure that just makes Gabes day.

May 4, 2011

My Little TWO year old

I simply can not believe that our little Reagan Kay is TWO!!!! It seems like not too long ago that we just celebrated her 1st birthday.... I love this little girl more than I ever imagined possible. Happy Birthday Reagan. you are our life and we are so proud of you.

May 1, 2011

Were going to the ZOO!!

Shortly after London was born Sophia and Shayna came to Utah to visit... the first day while they were in town we went to the ZOO. Reagan loved all the attention from her aunties. Cousin Kaylee came as well and we had a lot of fun and walked around the whole entire park. It was good for me to get my fat rear walking up and down all the hills. Reagan loves the giraffes the most and could watch them for hours if we let her. she gets so excited at every animal but i think she just loved being there and getting out of the house. we had been cooped up for the past month since London was born. London did well at the ZOO. She is such a wonderful little girl. I'm so glad Gabe's sisters came to meet her.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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