June 29, 2009

Pink Polka Dots!

Grandma Johnson got Reagan the cutest dress ever. She looked like a doll at church. I am in love with our little daughter... It was so cute, there was a little girl about 1 1/2 years old sitting in front of us at church banging on the chairs in the back of the chapel and Reagan was staring at her all of sacrament meeting. Whenever the little girl would look at Reagan... Reagan would get the biggest smile on her face. It was adorable... I swear Reagan wanted to jump off my lap and play with her... I can just see it now...pretty soon its going to be her banging on the chairs in sacrament meeting. ha ha

Auntie Sophia comes to visit

We had so much fun with Sophia here. Reagan loved her. While she was here Reagan started smiling more and she even started cooing and baby talk... I'm excited Reagan is getting into the "fun stage". While Sophia was here we did a lot... We went to a concert by the river in San Marcos to watch a bunch of county singers perform under the stars. We took a day and went to San Antonio, she and Gabe went Shooting. We went to the Salt Grass (our favorite Steak house) and of course we went shopping at the famous La Cantera and outlet malls. Sophia is the first on Gabe's side of the family to meet our little Reagan and we are so glad she came.

June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Today was Gabe's first Fathers day! I am so proud of the father that he already is. You can just tell that Reagan loves him so much. Whenever Gabe holds her she gets the biggest smile on her face. Its so cute how she already has Daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger. Reagan and I are so lucky to have him in our lives.... he has one of the sweetest and strongest testimonies of our Savior that i know. I'm sure that Gabe is going to teach her so much and Reagan is going to look up to him as one of her greatest examples.

Daddy Bladh~ 365 days after I was born... my little brother Nathan was born so I didn't have much time to be the baby of the family... so my dad took it upon himself to hold me and play with me.... There are so many pictures that i have of me sitting on daddy's lap..... I love my dad so much... when I think of the word charity I automatically think of him... he is such a selfless person ... he is always thinking of others and would take the shirt off his back for anyone. he is a great man.... and definitely one of my biggest hero's....

Daddy Johnson! Gabe's dad is such a wonderful man. I am so lucky to have married into such a great family... Gabe looks up to his father so much and has so many great memories of him as they grew up. Anyone who knows Gary would know that he would do anything for his family. The great qualities that Gabe has now of being hard working, goal oriented and self motivated are things that he learned from his father. Gabe has so much love and respect for him. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

June 19, 2009

Who does she look like????

Does Reagan look like Mommy????
or... Does Reagan look like Daddy???

June 17, 2009

June 15, 2009

Family BBQ

We decided to start a little family tradition since we have been here in Texas. Since we cant continue the tradition of eating dinner at my parents house on Sundays ...Gabe and I decided that we are going to have a BBQ every Sunday. So this Sunday we went down by the pool side of our apartment complex for our BBQ and we put Reagan in her cute little polka dot bathing suit that Auntie April got her and the sunglasses that Auntie Sophia got her. (she is so spoiled by her Aunties) She looked so adorable. Thanks April and Sophia!

June 14, 2009

How can you take this face seriously?!?!?!

Reagan makes the cutest faces... but i think that her sad face has to be one of her cutest. It is so dramatic it's funny. She honestly doesn't cry that often... she actually pouts and whimpers, and its just to let us know that shes not happy about something... most of the time its because she wants us to pay more attention to her. It's so hard for me not to laugh or smile when she starts to whimper and puts on her sad face. I know I shouldn't... but I cant help it... just look at that face... she is just too adorable.

June 7, 2009

Reagan goes to the Doctors

Reagan went to her one month doctor apt and she has grown so much. I cant believe it! The doctor measured her and said that she has grown 2 inches... so she is now 19" long. She has also gained a bunch of weight, she is now 7lbs. My little baby is growing up. she is still so tiny though. She is in the 2nd percentile for her age. Anyways the doctor who saw Reagan said that she has never seen a newborn so alert and attentive. She told us that it is probably a sign of things to come. oh no! I guess we need to prepare ourselves to have one active girl.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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