November 19, 2010

Goodbye Riley We Will Miss You.

Riley was such a wonderful addition to this family and will be greatly missed. He came into this family when I was only 13 years old and lived longer than most Golden Retrievers to be 15 years old. Reagan loved him so much and he loved Reagan. He was so loving to her... he let her climb all over him, ride him like a horse and smother him with Kisses. He was loved so much and we all miss him.

November 11, 2010

Messy Girl

So i was driving in the car with my mom and Reagan was in the back seat making a big fuss about something and I could not concentrate on anything and I needed her to calm down and I was willing to do anything at this point to calm her down. So i dug into my purse to find something to make her happy and the only thing i had was a small piece of chocolate. Reagan is really good at eating things and not making a mess so i didn't even think twice about it... and as soon as I handed it to her she immediately calmed down and was quite. About 10 min had gone by and I was realized that Reagan had not made a noise for a long time so I turned around to see how she was doing and this is what I saw... I couldn't help but start cracking up and pulling out my camera to capture this moment. Reagan thought she was pretty funny.

November 8, 2010

Reagan's First Sentence.

      About a week ago Reagan said her first full sentence.... It totally through me for a surprise... I was making her a grilled cheese sandwich (right now thats her favorite thing to eat) and Reagan comes up to me and pulls on my pant leg. I kneel down to her level and say "Yes Sweetheart." to that she says with the sweetest look of concern on her face "Ma, I poops"... I couldn't help but chuckle. I am loving being a mom and I am so grateful to my wonderful husband who works so hard so I am able to stay home and raise her. I cant imagine missing any moments like these...
     The other day, I decided to count how many words Reagan uses on a constant basis... not just when she repeats after us... but when she sees an object or if a situation happens she can come up with the word or animal sound all on her own. I counted 101 but she starts saying new words everyday. I am amazed at how much this little squirt absorbs.... It's great..... but at the same time means we need to be so careful what we say and how we say it.

November 7, 2010

Reagan's 18 Month Vocabulary

I thought I'd start a list of what words Reagan is using trying to count doesnt really work..... im a little surprised how many words she actually uses. still a work in progress.

Mom /mommy/ Dad / daddy / Dog / Grandma / Grandpa / Auntie /uncle / Cat / Meow / Fishey /  elephant / bird / monkey / oo ee aa / snake/ ssssss/ flower/ moon/ bath/ good night/ sleep/ shoes / socks / coat/ shirt/ up / down/ please/ thank you/ no / yes/ Holly/ Danny/ April/ Caity / Dax / drink/ head/ nose/ checks/ chin/ eyes/ teeth/ mouth/ arm/ leg/ toes/ hands / fingers/ color/ ball/ baby/ duck/ hair/ bracelet/ pretty / cute/ i love you/ neeeah /horse/ chair/ cheerios/ food/ eat/ one/ two / three/ dont/ water/ sing/ cold/ hot / Poops / Ewww / Yucky/  chocolate/ You / Fry / wow/ Yum/  parley/ Riley/ Tobie/ car/ wall / cookie/ cracker/ moooo/ cow/ sheep/ baaaaa/ door / oh no!/ uh oh!/ Jesus/ Apple/ bye bye/ Bath / outside/ mole/ hot dog/ light/ cheese/ book / amen / spoon/ phone/ Hi / belly button/ open/ close/ blanket/ play/ Fire / okay / All done / Diaper / Bear / Roar /         oh boy! / pumpkin /outside/ inside /

(so far thats 135 words i've thought of)

November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

My little Reagan was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I made her costume and my mom made her ears. Gabe and I were really looking forward to taking her Trick or treating for the first time ever this Halloween. But Utah played a horrible trick on us. It started pouring rain right around sunset but we were determined to go Trick or treating so we decided to take Reagan to the University Mall... and I think everyone in Utah County had the same idea because it was super crowded. Reagan didn't know what to do at first... I walked her up to the store front and she actually got scared... then the girl dropped a handful of candy into her tiny bag. After that there was no stopping her. She got so excited and was practically pulling us all around the mall. Once we had done the whole loop around the mall... she didn't want to stop. But once she realised that she could now finally eat some of her treasure out of tiny bag... she was totally ok with it. On the way home we decided to go Trick or Treating at aunt Sally and Uncle Larry's house and visited with Grandma and Grandma Johnson. By the time We got home it had stopped raining so Grandma Bladh  took Minnie Mouse Trick or Treating around the  her neighborhood so she could show off her grandchild. Reagan had such a fun day.

Pumpkin Patch

When I was a little girl, the moment it turned October, all my brothers and sisters and I  would get so excited. We always knew that October meant it was time for us to go get our pumpkins. We didn't just go to the grocery store and pick a pumpkin out of the pile... we actually drove to a pumpkin patch and made a whole day out of it. We would always enjoy the activities and enjoy finding the biggest most perfect pumpkin... but our greatest memory of the day was always our dad pushing us all around the field in the wheel barrow as fast as he could without letting us fly out.
Now I get to take my little girl to get a pumpkin. We had so much fun at "HEE HAWS"... Reagan wore her Minnie Mouse costume that I had just finished making that day and we met up there with Grandma, Auntie April and Uncle Daren. (April is almost 6 months prego and Im 4 months along)
We went to the petting zoo and of course Reagan chased all the animals around the pin for as long as we could handle it... Gabe took her down a bunch of Slides, Reagan played in the Corn Box, played on the Tire Swings and we had a had a blast running through the Corn Maze.
There wasn't a wheel barrow at the place but the cart in the maze more than made up for it. Poor Gabe pushed Reagan and I through the maze the entire way. I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. Reagan loved it. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole way. ( Gabe surprised me last week and came home with this amazing Pea Coat for me... He is so wonderful.)
We took a Hay Ride out to the Pumpkin Patch and got to spend some time going through the field looking for the perfect pumpkin. Reagan loved all the little pumpkins. We found some great pumpkins and so did mom and April and Daren. April took some fun pictures of the day. The Pumpkin Patch was so beautiful with all the sun flowers through out the field.  It was such a fun day.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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