November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

My little Reagan was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I made her costume and my mom made her ears. Gabe and I were really looking forward to taking her Trick or treating for the first time ever this Halloween. But Utah played a horrible trick on us. It started pouring rain right around sunset but we were determined to go Trick or treating so we decided to take Reagan to the University Mall... and I think everyone in Utah County had the same idea because it was super crowded. Reagan didn't know what to do at first... I walked her up to the store front and she actually got scared... then the girl dropped a handful of candy into her tiny bag. After that there was no stopping her. She got so excited and was practically pulling us all around the mall. Once we had done the whole loop around the mall... she didn't want to stop. But once she realised that she could now finally eat some of her treasure out of tiny bag... she was totally ok with it. On the way home we decided to go Trick or Treating at aunt Sally and Uncle Larry's house and visited with Grandma and Grandma Johnson. By the time We got home it had stopped raining so Grandma Bladh  took Minnie Mouse Trick or Treating around the  her neighborhood so she could show off her grandchild. Reagan had such a fun day.


Sophia said...

She makes the most perfect minnie!!

John and Nicole Makoni said...

Wow! Awesome job on the costume! Reagan is too adorable! Love all the fall pictures!! (by the way you can't even tell you are pregnant)

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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