November 7, 2010

Reagan's 18 Month Vocabulary

I thought I'd start a list of what words Reagan is using trying to count doesnt really work..... im a little surprised how many words she actually uses. still a work in progress.

Mom /mommy/ Dad / daddy / Dog / Grandma / Grandpa / Auntie /uncle / Cat / Meow / Fishey /  elephant / bird / monkey / oo ee aa / snake/ ssssss/ flower/ moon/ bath/ good night/ sleep/ shoes / socks / coat/ shirt/ up / down/ please/ thank you/ no / yes/ Holly/ Danny/ April/ Caity / Dax / drink/ head/ nose/ checks/ chin/ eyes/ teeth/ mouth/ arm/ leg/ toes/ hands / fingers/ color/ ball/ baby/ duck/ hair/ bracelet/ pretty / cute/ i love you/ neeeah /horse/ chair/ cheerios/ food/ eat/ one/ two / three/ dont/ water/ sing/ cold/ hot / Poops / Ewww / Yucky/  chocolate/ You / Fry / wow/ Yum/  parley/ Riley/ Tobie/ car/ wall / cookie/ cracker/ moooo/ cow/ sheep/ baaaaa/ door / oh no!/ uh oh!/ Jesus/ Apple/ bye bye/ Bath / outside/ mole/ hot dog/ light/ cheese/ book / amen / spoon/ phone/ Hi / belly button/ open/ close/ blanket/ play/ Fire / okay / All done / Diaper / Bear / Roar /         oh boy! / pumpkin /outside/ inside /

(so far thats 135 words i've thought of)

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