May 30, 2009

Our first family outting!

Last night Gabe, Reagan and i went to "THE GROVE" here in Austin... we had so much fun. The Grove is a large outdoor shopping center ... but every friday night during the summer they put on an outdoor concert in the middle of a grove of trees... They had a local rock band playing and there were sooo many families sitting on blankets and lawn chairs across the grass.. they even have a fountain in the middle of the grove that a ton of kids in their bathing suits were running and playing through... it was a very fun atmosphere. Reagan was so good... she loved listening to the music, and being held by mommy and daddy. We sat on top of a hill against a tree and had a real fun time on our first family outting in Austin.....  

May 24, 2009

Reagans first week at church

Today we went to church here in Austin for the first time. We put Reagan in her cute little red preemie dress and headed out the door. We actually got lost on the way to church and didnt get there till the end. Oops! But we had a bunch of people in the ward introduce themselves. We are so excited for this ward. They all seem so friendly. It looks as if Reagan will have plenty of friends in the ward to play with.... there are a bunch of little kids, even a few newborns. Anyways today was a good day.

May 11, 2009

Reagans first bath

Reagan turned one week old today and her umbilical cord fell off. So... The tradition continues.... Grandma Bladh was so excited to give her her first bath in the sink.... we went to Grandmas house and Grandma had everything all set up and ready to go.... Reagan didnt know what to think at first... she started to cry when she was put in the water... but after a minute her cries turned into whimpers and then they slowly turned into sighs when she realised that she was really enjoying her bath... once she figured that out she was so cute.... she kept sighing, letting us know just how much she loved her bath. (what a relief for mommy.) Reagan has been such a good baby... we are so blessed.... it just keeps getting better and better.

Anyways Grandma Bladh kept the tradition alive and sang "Bubble Toes" as im sure i will some day when i have grandkids of my own.... when Reagan was all clean Grandma took her out of the sink and wraped her up in a big fluffy towel... and Reagan was now crying because she was sad her bath was over.... its so fun to see her personality slowly start to unfold... to start to get to know her likes and dislikes.... im so glad that a bath is something she enjoys!

May 6, 2009

Here she comes...

HERE SHE IS!Gabe got home from being gone for three months and Reagan must have known it... for about a week i have been begging her to wait until Daddy got home before she decided to come into the world... and i guess she listened. But as soon as Gabe got here she couldn't wait to get out. i went into labor at 1am... but actually didn't know it... i thought it was false labor... i was not able to fall asleep, so I just did a few things around the house while Gabe slept. At around 7:00 am i decided that maybe I should stop by the hospital so I woke up Gabe and by the time i got there they said I was already 8cm and they couldn't believe i had just came in... I guess it wasn't false labor after all! After we got there it wasn't much longer until we finally met little Reagan. I had no idea that having a baby would be such an amazing experience. And actually surprisingly very easy. I told Gabe that I'm ready for our next one... he just laughed at me. But after seeing how cute little Reagan is... how can anyone not want a whole dozen of them. We are so excited to be new parents... I'm sure we are going to learn so much and like everyone says... Our lives will never be the same.

May 5, 2009

Reagan...Day One

Reagan Kay Johnson

We cant believe that she is finally here. She is more beautiful than we ever imagined. Reagan was born May 4th 2009 at 12:20 pm ...she weighs 5 lbs 11 oz and is only 17 inches long. She is so small. Gabe and i still cant believe that she is ours. When she was born, she came out smiling. and she has been smiling ever since. so far she is so happy. I know, I know, its only the second day... but heres hoping. She has brown hair and (so far) blue eyes, she even has dimples!
She seriously can't be any cuter.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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