May 11, 2009

Reagans first bath

Reagan turned one week old today and her umbilical cord fell off. So... The tradition continues.... Grandma Bladh was so excited to give her her first bath in the sink.... we went to Grandmas house and Grandma had everything all set up and ready to go.... Reagan didnt know what to think at first... she started to cry when she was put in the water... but after a minute her cries turned into whimpers and then they slowly turned into sighs when she realised that she was really enjoying her bath... once she figured that out she was so cute.... she kept sighing, letting us know just how much she loved her bath. (what a relief for mommy.) Reagan has been such a good baby... we are so blessed.... it just keeps getting better and better.

Anyways Grandma Bladh kept the tradition alive and sang "Bubble Toes" as im sure i will some day when i have grandkids of my own.... when Reagan was all clean Grandma took her out of the sink and wraped her up in a big fluffy towel... and Reagan was now crying because she was sad her bath was over.... its so fun to see her personality slowly start to unfold... to start to get to know her likes and dislikes.... im so glad that a bath is something she enjoys!

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The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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