May 6, 2009

Here she comes...

HERE SHE IS!Gabe got home from being gone for three months and Reagan must have known it... for about a week i have been begging her to wait until Daddy got home before she decided to come into the world... and i guess she listened. But as soon as Gabe got here she couldn't wait to get out. i went into labor at 1am... but actually didn't know it... i thought it was false labor... i was not able to fall asleep, so I just did a few things around the house while Gabe slept. At around 7:00 am i decided that maybe I should stop by the hospital so I woke up Gabe and by the time i got there they said I was already 8cm and they couldn't believe i had just came in... I guess it wasn't false labor after all! After we got there it wasn't much longer until we finally met little Reagan. I had no idea that having a baby would be such an amazing experience. And actually surprisingly very easy. I told Gabe that I'm ready for our next one... he just laughed at me. But after seeing how cute little Reagan is... how can anyone not want a whole dozen of them. We are so excited to be new parents... I'm sure we are going to learn so much and like everyone says... Our lives will never be the same.


Ryan and Erika Pettersson said...

love love love your blog and Reagan is just precious!!! You look hot darling ;o))) Miss ya

Jessie said...

Your blog is so pretty and so is your little girl! No wonder labor was so easy! She is just a little thing! I was also surprised at how easy giving birth was compared to what people made it seem like and my baby was 7lbs, 2 oz. But, I also had the epidural. =) She is so cute! I love the sweet story you told about when you had her. 8 cm!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! Hadn't your water already broken by then?? Wouldn't you have known that it did? We are excited to see more pictures! She's such a doll!!!!!!!! and you look so good too!!!!! and how you survived being very pregnant those three months without your husband, I'll never know!!!!
--Jessie and Ian

John and Nicole Makoni said...

She is adorable and so tiny!! I know labor can not be as easy as you said! And of course you look great even after giving birth. So sad you guys are leaving we hope to see you often.

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The Johnson Family


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