October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 I helped Reagan enter the Farmers Market pumpkin contest and won! we made a farmer.


Cutest Princess and Lady Bug EVER!!!

October 18, 2011

October 15, 2011

Halloween Party

Reagan had a few friends over to decorate cupcakes for Halloween. she had a lot of fun with all her friends and eating the frosting and candy... dont think it actually made it to a lot of the cupcakes.

Princess Belle

Reagan met Belle at an Expo the other day... she was so excited and ran up to her, grabbed her arm and pulled her down to her level... she talked her ear off asking questions like "Where is beast?" and telling her that she is so pretty and making sure Belle knew that she was a princess as well... doing a twirl in her outfit to be sure Belle saw how beautiful she was in her "princess outfit" I just love this girl... but the best part was when it was time to say goodbye to Belle... Reagan took both her hands, grabbed Belle by her checks and gave her a fat kiss on the LIPS... hahaha...that poor girl could not escape it. I couldn't stand i was laughing so hard. too funny.

October 10, 2011

My greatest blessings

 This London's Bridge... hahaha.. .i have no idea what she is trying to do... but she sure does this a lot. its hilarious.
 Reagan is such a girlie girl... she is always trying to wear a necklace or earrings. and loves to show them off
 Another one of London's bridges...
 She can finally hold her bottle... Reagan and her were both pretty lazy when it came to this.
 Reagan doesnt need Mommy to read to her anymore... She insists on "reading" books herself... She is getting to be such a big girl... it makes me so sad :(
 Reagan still is happiest while holding a stuffed animal. this cats is named Cupcake... she names hem after her favorite things.
look at this smile... i cant get enough of it. she is the happiest little girl. i am very blessed.

October 5, 2011

Goodbye Mullet

So Reagan has had a mullet forever... but i have had the hardest time to getting myself to want to cut her long hair... but i never wanted to leave it down because of how thin it was at the ends... finally I decided that it was time...And I'm now kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I just love it. She did pretty well. Our friend Sabrina cut her hair in her salon at her home... Reagan was scared at first... but Sabrina "cut"  Reagan's cat, Cupcakes hair first and when it was Reagan's turn She insisted that she have Cupcake join her on the chair to give her some moral support.   London got her hair cut next... She was already getting a pretty bad mullet and I figured I probably should take care of hers before it got as bad as Reagan's did... London loved every moment of the attention :)

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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