December 25, 2009


*********************************************************REAGAN'S FIRST CHRISTMAS! *********************************************************
Oh my goodness this Christmas was so much fun. Reagan was so adorable. I LOVED IT. As soon as we came down the stairs and sat in front of the CHRISTMAS TREE, you could see the excitement in our little 7 month old eyes. usually she would get up and try to combat crawl as fast as she could to get to the item of her EXCITMENT... but this morning it was so adorable. We set Reagan smack in front of the Christmas tree and she just sat there and starred at the LIGHTS and mountain of presents and every once in awhile she would look back at me and say "uh...uh...uh" if to say "What is all of this????" then she saw it... sitting on the side of the tree was a beautiful ROCKING HORSE. Her eyes got really wide and as soon as she sat on it and it started moving and talking to her she knew it was alive. She started to get the same type of excitement that she gets when she sees a dog or a cat... Reagan held on to the mien so tight and hugged it. I think she has found her best friend... I love how excited she is about her rocking horse.
Reagan also got a bunch of TOYS, a few really cute outfits, an adorable pair of boots, her first purse complete with lip stick, jewelry, keys, mirror, and money... (its educational) but i think her favorite thing about Christmas was the WRAPPING PAPER. hahaha.... Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and Bladh and to all of Reagan's aunts and uncle for a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!

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The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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