June 23, 2010

"Were going to the Zoo"

I took Reagan to the zoo for the first time for her cousin Casper's birthday Party... Auntie April came with us. We had so much fun. It is so funny to watch just how much Reagan LOVES ANIMALS. It was hilarious... She has a cracker in her hand the entire time we were at the ZOO and every animal we saw she would put her face up to the glasss or gate and she would start laughing and talking to the animal..... it went something like this..... "hahahahahaha......OOOHHH.... Lalalal blabla doooda gagaladelamamada"
and then she would take her cracker and try to feed it to the monkey elephant or tiger.... or whatever animal she was near at the time.... I seriously cant get over how stink n' cute my little baby girl is... Thanks Auntie April for coming with us to the Zoo. Happy Birthday Casper.

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The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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