March 29, 2011


So this morning when I went to get Reagan ready for the day.... She asked if we were going to church today... I said "no, today is not Sunday... there is no church today... sorry sweetheart" to that Reagan got so mad. she started yelling "CHURCH!... WEAR DRESS!" over and over again... she insisted on wearing a dress and kept asking to go to church... She wouldn't stop crying forever.... Finally I was able to make her happy by doing a few projects and singing a few songs that she would have done in nursery... we sang "once there was a snowman"... and "The wheels on the bus"  we colored and played with play dough... then we had a few snacks...  It wasn't too long ago when I couldn't get her to go to nursery... now She's begging to go.

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The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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