March 9, 2011

Time Out...

So yesterday morning I was having a hard time gathering the energy needed to chase Reagan around the house and she was in an extra busy mood. I was completely drained. We don't have too many things that we get upset at Reagan for doing.... but she knows that we do not let her climb up the stairs without either Gabe or I to help her. And she knows that if she does... we put her on "time out" for one minute. So yesterday Reagan decided she was going to climb up the stairs on her own and since I wasn't feeling well enough to put her on time out... I just simply said "Reagan.... You get off the stairs right now or you are going to get in trouble" to that, she looked at me... said "I sorry" climbed back down the stairs walked over to the closet where I put her timeout chair... took the chair out of the closet, placed it in the corner and put herself on time out. I couldnt believe it... I seriously thought it was the cutest thing ever.

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The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


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