June 27, 2011

"I hold Em"

Right at the entrance of Costco is this giant teddy bear... Every time we walk in Reagan begs to hold it. She loves toys... but stuffed animals are the ultimate toy for her... they are all over her bed and she drags them around everywhere and sleeps with seriously like 5 of them every night.  So you can imagine her elation when she gets to hold this giant bear...   it was so hard to get it away from her....  instead of "I hold Em".... she starts saying "I buy Em".... yeah right! can you imagine her trying to drag it around the house or trying to sleep with it at night.... it would take up her entire bed.


Unknown said...

We are the manufacture of the COSTCO 53” bears. We saw a beautiful picture of your child with the Costco bear on your blog. May we have your permission to post this picture on our facebook page? Here is our company website: http://www.hugfun.com/index.php for your reference. Thank you for loving our bears. We are so proud to see your child enjoying our bear so much

Please join us at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HugFun-Intl-Teddy-Bears-Home/244761875537188?sk=info

Addurus 4 said...

we have those huge bears at our costco too. they are so ridiculously big! What would a person even DO with them!?! WOW. That's so cute that she loves it so much and wants to buy it. My daughter always says, "mommy, buy u dat?" (U referring to herself...)

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The Johnson Family


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