February 22, 2011

It's Christmas Everyday...

I don't know where Reagan's obsession with Santa came from...  but for some reason she is just in love with him. She talks about him ALL THE TIME its so funny. When she sits down to color... most of the time when I ask her what she drew she will say "Santa!" usually followed with a "Ho Ho Ho Merrme Miemus" (Thats sapose to be Merry Christmas.....) this little girl is too much... one day when my mom was on the computer she thought it would be fun for Reagan to watch a clip on YouTube on Santa.... BIG MISTAKE..... now anytime we ever get on the computer... it doesn't matter what Reagan is doing... all of a sudden you will hear the pitter patter of her feet running toward you and saying "Yes! Yes! Santa! Santa! Yes!" its so stink  n' adorable that we usually give in. She even has control of the Netflix... We have watched everyone of  the Santa shows....
 Its the worst though when Reagan sees  an older chubby man.... or even just someone with a beard.... she gets so excited points at them and squeals as loud as she can "Santa!!! Ho Ho Ho". She has even done it in the middle of sacrament meeting... so Embarrassing... hahaha
With Reagan around..... It's Christmas Everyday....

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The Johnson Family


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